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I love to photograph love. Love between people who are light-hearted, a little bit goofy, who arent afraid to laugh at themselves. Those who cherish time outdoors, who arent afraid to try something new, and who believe that time spent with family, is the BEST time spent.
I genuinely believe a good laugh can cure any bad day. I am tall! (6foot1 tall!), I love to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea, I have a collection of blankets for my couch. My favourite season is usually whichever one is coming up next and I could never live where I cant see the mountains everyday.

Aaron and Amanda: Chilliwack River Engagement

July 21st, 2014

This engagement session at the Chilliwack River was right up my alley! The river, the rocks, the mountains and the colours were gorgeous! I feel so blessed to get to live where we do!! I love adventurous sessions exploring the wilderness right in our own backyards!

We met at the Chilliwack River, despite a weather forecast of downpouring rain and thunder and lightning! It was like I had known these two for years!! They are so quick to laugh, so easy to talk to and they were up for anything. It didn’t matter if I suggested walking out onto a log over the river, or trucking through some mud to get out to the water, their response was always “sure!”

Every time Aaron and Amanda look at each other their eyes are dancing with laughter. There was rarely a serious moment between them and I just LOVE that! Being able to laugh together is so important!

I can’t WAIT for their wedding in August out at Chilliwack Lake! Can’t wait for more time with these two :)



Dan and Charlene: La Punta Norte Day After Session

July 16th, 2014

Dan and Charlene got married at their dream venue, La Punta Norte. A Mexican bed and breakfast built on a cliff overlooking Okanagan Lake. They are from Alberta, and were so excited to enjoy the Okanagan sunshine for their day. Unfortunately the morning of their wedding was stormy. My weather app called for light showers in the morning, and then sun in the afternoon…..typical Okanagan rainy days!

However, it POURED. As Charlene was getting ready, I watched the storm clouds roll in across the lake. The view got foggier and foggier, and the rain fell harder and harder as thunder boomed overhead.

To make up for their wet, rainy, and stormy day, I headed back out to La Punta the next afternoon (when I woke up to sunshine it just wasn’t fair!), and we did a Day After Session at sunset!

I LOVE day after sessions. There’s no stress of a timeline, no worrying about guests, there’s just nothing but relaxing and enjoying your first day as husband and wife. (And you get to wear your dress again which who doesn’t want to do that?!)

Charlene and Dan, I am SO glad we decided to do this!! After the weather you had on your wedding day, you deserved some sunshine! :)

Dan and Charlene: La Punta Norte Wedding

July 15th, 2014

Dan and Charlene had their incredibly wet and rainy wedding at La Punta Norte in Summerland BC. Did I mention it was also stormy? Somehow, we decided, it becomes instantly cooler when there’s thunder on top of the rain. Then it’s not just a rainy wedding day, it’s a STORMY wedding day. And it was. The rain did not let up once. The floor of the reception had to be squeegeed. The bottoms of all our maxi dresses were soaked! But Charlene and Dan created a small, intimate (less than 20 guests total!) boldly colourful wedding that suited them to perfection!

With a giant sized Jenga board, bean bag toss, her stunningly purple dress, his bright orange socks, and their mutual love of Disney, it was impossible not to spend the entire day grinning!

These two never let the rain get to them once. They embraced it full on and still did their photos around the venue they fell in love with the year before. (Though to make up for the rain we did a SUNNY day after session – check out the blog tomorrow!)

Dan and Charlene it was AMAZING to be a part of your day!!!

Andy and Sarah: Bunzten Lake Engagement

July 8th, 2014
“How do you feel about hiking? Love? Hate? Tolerate? Andy proposed to me about 5km into a hiking trail up at Buntzen Lake in Anmore so we were thinking it would be cute to do our engagement photos where he proposed!”
Sarah emailed this to me a few weeks before we did their engagement photos! (The first thing I loved was that it rhymed ;)  And oh MAN was I ever on board! I sent back a giant LOVE, and we started planning!! The park gate closes just before sunset, so we planned to head up there and be back before getting locked out! We just made it  :)  (Andy even hiked up there the night before for us to check out how the lighting would be….Sarah, he’s a keeper!
The hike was GORGEOUS! I wrapped and zipped all my gear into a backpack and off we went! I had never been to Bunzten Lake and it is a favourite now for sure! The lake is gorgeous, and the hike was fairly easy! (though mad props to Sarah for hiking up in her boots and a dress!! She even brought an outfit change for halfway through and changed in an outhouse! She’s amazing!)
We started at the bridge where Andy proposed to Sarah, and then worked our way back to the main beach (after we stopped for foot cool off in the lake – it was SIGNIFICANTLY colder than expected! haha), and ended just in time for the park patrol to sound the siren for gate closer! Phew!
Sarah and Andy, I just LOVE you guys! I loved getting to know you both so much better during our hike, and I can’t WAIT for your wedding on the Sunshine Coast this Fall! (She really is a girl after my own heart! Adventurous, sentimental, AND she’s getting married in the Fall!)
Here’s my favourites from their session!

Joel and Kath: Abbotsford Engagement

July 3rd, 2014

According to Joel and Kath, they are unphotogenic…..I call major bullshit. These two were SOOOO easy to photograph! In between cuddles and kisses, there were these big bursts of laughter that are my favourite kind! There’s something about a couple that laughs that hard together that is so contagious. Everyone falls in love with them as a couple a little bit more.

Both of them are quick to laugh, and so laid back that when I changed the location TWICE to make sure I got the most perfect one with the ideal lighting, they were up for whatever! We hiked in a bit to the lupine field and Kath in her heels was up for it all! Joel said he was nervous, but he cracked jokes the entire time, and seriously made the entire session!

It was so great to see Kath again and meet Joel! I went to highschool for two years with Kath in Grade 8 and 9! We played volleyball and basketball together and it’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen her! I can’t wait for their wedding in just NINE days! :)

It has been SUCH a long time since the sun has been shining this gorgeous for one of my sessions. I happily welcomed it back and may have  definitely had a difficult time only picking a few favourites!!! This sun better be here for the long haul!

I AM SO EXCITED for your big day!! I can’t wait to see you two again!!







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