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I love to photograph love. Love between people who are light-hearted, a little bit goofy, who arent afraid to laugh at themselves. Those who cherish time outdoors, who arent afraid to try something new, and who believe that time spent with family, is the BEST time spent.
I genuinely believe a good laugh can cure any bad day. I am tall! (6foot1 tall!), I love to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea, I have a collection of blankets for my couch. My favourite season is usually whichever one is coming up next and I could never live where I cant see the mountains everyday.

Tyler and Michelle: Cranbrook Couples Session

August 26th, 2014

I was SOOO excited to see these two for a couples session in the Rockies in Cranbrook!! Michelle and I played volleyball together at UFV and I just adore her! I had heard so much about Tyler and couldn’t wait to finally meet him!

Michelle is outgoing, adventurous, and has the biggest heart. She genuinely cares about everyone she meets, and anyone who gets the chance to know her falls in love with her too! Tyler is amazing! The perfect match for Michelle and I just love watching them together! They’re goofy and they laugh so much! But then Tyler kisses her and she melts into this romantic hug that’s just the best. You two made my job SOOO easy! :)

Tyler and Michelle…it was so amazing to see you guys and hang out with you at the wedding (blogpost from the wedding coming tomorrow!) and I hope to see you soon!!!! (ps. move back to BC! haha)

Aaron and Jana: Cranbrook Couples Session

August 22nd, 2014

My flight experience into Cranbrook was definitely a fun one!! We hit the worst turbulence I have ever experienced, after almost missing my flight from a huge accident on the highway to the airport,  but oh gosh was it a gorgeous flight!

A fellow photographer met me at the airport and picked me up (THANK YOU Stephanie!!) and gave me a quick tour of the city :)

I had two couples sessions booked for that night with fellow UFV Volleyball Alumni, so we scouted out some locations, and I fell hard. I fell so madly in love with Cranbrook in that short drive around, I knew I was doomed.

The first couple we met up with was Aaron and Jana. I absolutely adore them both so much! Aaron played volleyball with my husband and we have known them for years from volleyball parties, alumni games, trips to 70 Mile for quadding and gun shooting, and so much more!! Aaron recently helped Marco get his car from first year college back on the road (Marco smiled for like 5 days straight after!) and I was so excited to see him and Jana again!

These are are ridiculously photogenic. The way Aaron looks at Jana is just the best. He’s one of those guys that’s so down to earth, so laid back, but when Jana comes  around he lights up like a little kid. I just love it! Jana you have the biggest, warmest smile and it’s impossible not to be happy when you’re around!! The only bad thing I can say, is you live much much too far away from us!

Stephanie couldn’t stop laughing at me! I was so head over heels in love with the scenery, the lighting, the mountains. I definitely DEFINITELY will be back there soon!

Stay tuned for Michelle and Tyler’s equally amazing sunset session in the Rockies tomorrow!!!! :)


Jeff and Tess: Granville Island Engagement

August 20th, 2014

I met them at their house and we drove into Granville Island together for their engagement photos. Over the course of their relationship they have spent many many many dates down there. Dinners, shopping, but mostly just exploring.

We got there after all the stores had closed dowm, it was neat being there when it was so quiet. The downpouring rain, and dark gray clouds added to the romantic feel and had Tess and me reminiscing about how excited we both were for Fall and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

These two laugh together like no other couple I’ve seen. I absolutely LOVE it. To be able to laugh this hard and this freely with your fiance is the best. Tess lights up when she laughs. She has one of the best smiles and Jeff knows exactly what to say or do to bring it out! Tess and Jeff you both found yourselves keepers for sure!!

Thank you so much for suggesting Granville Island! I love how sentimental it is to you both, and it was amazing getting to explore (despite the rain!) after hours and hearing stories of how you both met, and all the time spent there together!



Joel and Kath: Langley Golf Centre Wedding

August 15th, 2014

Sneaking these two out of their reception was like a reality TV series challenge! Their guests were filled with so much love and kind words, we couldn’t walk more than 2 feet towards the door without someone stopping them for a hug, or congrats! We headed down to the golf course and chased the sun as it set across the green.

I have known Kath since Grade 8. Her and her bridesmaids!! It was so great to be able to see all these girls again! Kath was one of those girls in highschool who was friends with everyone, and everyone adored her. She has this quiet sense of humour that always leaves everyone around her smiling and Joel is the absolute perfect match for her.

Joel is so funny! He claims to be a bit awkward, but he’s not at all! He makes everyone around him feel special, and his entire wedding he made sure everyone else was enjoying themselves. He made us all feel so welcome!

Their day was so hot. I give MASSIVE kudos to the guys for lasting through photos!! I am not sure how we all made it through without having to do an outfit change….or atleast stopping to find a pool somewhere and jumping in!! A HUGE thank you to Laura for second shooting and running around like mad collecting sun glasses and water bottles!! You are the best!

Joel and Kath….it meant the world to me to be a part of your day! It was so good to see you again Kath, (you too Marie, Nikki, Lauren, Patricia, Loreen, Michelle, Alex, and Flannery!) and I had the absolute BEST time!! Love you two!





Manning Park Year #21!

August 12th, 2014

You could say it’s a bit of a family tradition. For 21 years now we have been heading up to Manning Park for our annual family camping trip!! With the craziness that’s been our summer, it was SO amazing to get away and have some much much slooooower time together. No phones, no internet, no TV,  nothin! It was amazing!

The campfire ban was lifted just a few days before we left so we had campfires going almost all day! S’mores, roasted hotdogs, and apple crisp on the fire so delicious!

The next 3 weeks for us are pure craziness and I love it!! It’s jampacked with so much fun! We move in 3 weeks so we will be packing madly with country music blaring (and maybe some random dance parties!), I finish up business coaching (I am SOOOO excited to show you what I’ve been working my butt off on!!), I started a new workout program (so I am literally working my butt off!), I have 3 AMAZING weddings  which I am SOOOO Excited for (two local and one away!), a whack load of portrait sessions and some pretty amazing end of summer BBQs!

More about our craziness later….here’s a peek at our trip to Manning!! :)

The stars at Manning are AMAZING! The Milky Way seemed to go right through our campsite!

If you look carefully you can see the Big Dipper right above the bathrooms!

Luca rode his bike for the first time without training wheels! He’s now riding around like crazy!











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